Men's Night

Muirfield Lakes Golf Club Men’s Night

Every Tuesday 05:30PM - Members & Public Welcome 

9-Holes play your own ball – Golf Canada Index Required (Men’s Night handicap will be established and will override Golf Canada Index once established)

  • Low Gross 1st, 2nd, & Ties payout each week

  • Low Net 1st, 2nd, & Ties payout each week

  • Low Net Skins payout each week

  • Low Gross Hidden Hole (accumulative) payout

  • Gross Score Deuce Pot & Ties (accumulative) payout

  • Pari-mutuels Betting - Race Runs over 4 consecutive Play Dates - cash payout

  • Live in Real Time Leader Board Scoring

  • $30.00 Non-Member Green Fee with Cart, $20 walking

  • $20.00 Prize Pool includes $6.00 Pari-mutuels, $2.00 Hidden Hole, & $2.00 Deuce Pot buy-in

  • The Range Beverage & Dinner Specials

  • Individual, 2-man, 3-man, or 4-somes welcome


Men’s Night handicap will be established and will override Golf Canada Index once established

  • Our Men’s Night is now fully computer automated and is run through an outside source, thus the handicap system to ensure fair competition and elimination of “sand bagging”.

  • Low gross and low net payouts may vary depending on skins, deuce pot, and hidden hole as explained below

  • Skins: If no skins are won, payouts will be applied to low gross and low net winners

  • Deuce pot: only runs for one month at a time, if deuce pot is not won in week 1, it will carry over to week 2, and thus a player who did not pay for deuce pot in week one is not eligible for the prize unless paying for week one and two. This will continue forward until either the pot is won or the end of the month. If the month long pot is not won, the funds will be paid to all gross and net winners in that month who were eligible (paid deuce pot).

  • Hidden Hole: same as above

Muirfield Lakes Golf Course Men’s Night HORSERACE

  • Runs over 4 consecutive Men’s Nights
  • Tracks win, place, & show, Bets
  • Displays updated odds as new bets  are received
  • Quickly calculates payoffs for each winning bettor
  • Bet on yourself or any other “Horse” in the Field.
  • Bets will be closed prior to Tee Off on the 2nd Round
  • Pays cash for Win (1st), Place (2nd), and Show (3rd) Place of the Total Low Net Score for each Player in Men’s Night for the Month (4 Men’s Nights).
  • Horserace Field Entries are closed after Tee Off for Round 1.
  • Bettors Field is open throughout
  • Drink and dinner specials will change on a week to week basis

  • Teams will be randomly chosen by the software program used for scoring, and we will accommodate players arriving at different times

  • Due to the computerized nature of our Men’s Night please register 24 hours in advance via email to or via telephone at 403-983-3311. We can accommodate players at last minute but is very difficult

  • Men’s Night is here for all of our enjoyment, it’s designed to meet new people, playing a little golf, maybe winning a few bucks, and sharing some laughs (oh yeah, maybe a beer). So please come join us, and remember the sprit of the game, to have fun!

Men’s Night FAQ

1. Why is the men’s night handicap overriding my Golf Canada handicap?

A: This handicap system has been established to both cater to the casual men’s night player who may not yet have a handicap, as well as establish a fair system for the regular attendees.

2. How do the skins work?

A: Each golfer scores on each hole according to their handicap (net scoring). If there is an outright winner for a certain hole on the night, that golfer wins the skin. The pot for this payout can be won by multiple golfers per week. Skins can carry over to the next week if there is no outright winner.

3. What is the “Low Gross Hidden Hole” and how does it work?

A: Our computer software automatically calculates winners for each of the categories each week. Each week a hole will be chosen at random in the program and if there was a low score on that hole for ONE golfer, that golfer will win the hidden hole prize. This payout will carry over from week to week.

4. What is the Pari-Mutuels?

A: These are designed to simulate a horse race, only with the golfers participating during men’s night. Each golfer that plays in a minimum of 3 out of 4 men’s night in a month can enter as horses, and every participant can bet on any golfer (including themselves) to win, place or show. The payouts are odds based, so if one golfer is being bet on heavily, the odds can change.

5. Are the prize pools mandatory buy-ins?

The Pari-Mutuels, Duece Pot, and Hidden hole are all optional purchases and you can participate in any or all of each. The remaining $10 prize pool per player is for the Gross, Net, and Skin prizing and this is a mandatory fee for all participants in Men’s night.

If you have any other questions or concerns regarding the Men’s Night program at Muirfield Lakes Golf Club, please contact our golf shop and they will be happy to answer all your queries.