Equity Membership

The Management Group at Muirfield Lakes Golf Club is happy to announce that our 2019 Equity Membership offering will include more value-added services than we have ever offered before. Our main objective continues to ensure that our MLGC Equity members enjoy some of the lowest annual dues structures amongst comparable facilities and one of the finest regulation Golf Courses in the Calgary area.

2019 Muirfield Lakes Golf Club Equity Membership Includes:

$7,900.00 Golf Society Fees

o   Unlimited Golf, No Restrictions

o    MLGC does not limit the number of rounds that may be played during a season. Members are free to book and play as many rounds as they desire. Spousal and Junior Members are not restricted in any form either, they share the same privileges as the Principal Member does

o   Advance Booking Privileges

o    MLGC offers its Equity Members 11-Day Booking Privileges via Internet and 10-Days via Telephone.

o    This provides a 4-Day booking advantage over Seasonal Members and 6-Days over Public Golfers

o   Access to Club Tournaments and Leagues

o    MLGC provides a variety of Club Events throughout the Golf Season

o   MLGC provides access to Men’s Night, Ladies Night, and Commercial League

o   MLGC Loyalty Program – New for 2019

o    MLGC is currently creating a Loyalty Program geared to passing along additional savings and gifts to you for your support of the Club.

o    Complete details will be available March 1, 2019

o   Membership Account Privileges

o    Equity Members of MLGC can hold account privileges allowing them to put On Account charges for Products and Services at Muirfield Lakes Golf Club.

o    10% Discount on Golf Shop merchandise

o    10% Discount on Guest Green Fees

o    No Food & Beverage Minimums

o   Membership with Golf Canada $35.00

o    Handicap Tracking; the Handicap System is one of the game of golf’s single greatest asset

o   Includes Insurance for damage of Golf Clubs, Golf Carts, and Private Property.

o   Use of Private Golf Carts on MLGC Property

o    Cart must be Street Legal and approved by MLGC Management

o    Access to Muirfield Lakes Golf Club through MLGC Parking Lot Only

  • No Access to MLGC from Gated Back Yards

Three and five year payment plans are available for the society fees $7,900.00.

Three year payment plan
Year one (of three) $2900
Year two (of three)$2500
Year three (of three)$2500

Five year payment plan
Year one (of five): $1900
Year two (of five): $1500
Year three (of five): $1500
Year four (of five): $1500
Year five (of five): $1500

Equity Membership Dues Options:

o   Principal Member Golf Package $2,200.00*

o   Unlimited Golf with no restrictions for all Members

o   Membership includes

§  1 Principal Member

o   Family Golf Package $3,400.00*

o   Unlimited Golf with no restrictions for all Members

o   Membership includes

§  1 Principal Member

§  1 Spouse Member

§  All Juniors living at home, in School, and  under 19 years of age

The best value for golf at Muirfield Lakes Golf Club. Our definition of a corporation or group includes ANY combination or group of golfers where the total number of rounds purchased is dispersed as you see fit.

 These rounds may be allocated to yourself, your spouse, your clients, your colleagues, or any guest of your choice! For example, if you and three friends plan to play golf once a week during the season you may purchase the 100 round corporate or group membership for 25 rounds each, and split the cost so you each play all year for only $975 each - that's only $39 per round. The possibilities are endless, PLUS each round includes power cart and all the benefits of full club membership!

o   Corporate Member Golf Package $3,900.00*

o   Up to 100 18-Hole Golf Rounds

  • Power Cart Included

o   Corporate Plus Member Golf Package $5,700.00

o   Up to 150 18-Hole Golf Rounds

  • Power Cart Included

o   Megacorp Member Golf Package $7,400.00*

o   Up to 200 18-Hole Golf Rounds

  • Power Cart Included

o   All Corporate Packages

o   Membership includes

  • 1 Corporate Member with a Corporate Identity

  • No restrictions on Guests


Optional Services available to Members:

o   ½ Power Cart Season Pass $500.00

o   1 Specified Rider

o   Full Power Cart Season Cart Pass $850.00

o    2 Specified Riders

o   Club Storage $100.00

o    Per Set

If you would like more information please contact us at the club (1-403-932-3311)
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